Wishing for Always
A Standalone Novella | Part of  The Silver Lining Series

I missed my chance to tell her how I felt once before, I'm not going to let it happen again...

For years I buried my feelings for my best friend, Skye, because she needed my friendship more than anything else.
Now she’s decided she’s finally ready to take a chance on falling in love.
Just... not with me.
But I refuse to stand by and watch her fall for another man. Not when I know we’re perfect for each other.
So, when we end up trapped in a snowed-in cabin, I use the opportunity to show Skye exactly how good we can be together.

Getting stuck in a cabin with my best friend shouldn’t have been a big deal.
But that was before he let me know exactly how he feels about me.
I’ve had a good reason for never letting myself see Brody as anything more than a friend, though. And I’m fighting this attraction with everything I have.
Only, I’m not sure I’m going to win. Because Brody is determined to make me his.
And I’ve got a feeling he won’t go down without a fight.

Wishing for Always is a steamy, dual POV, best-friends-to-lovers, contemporary romance novella set at beautiful Lake Tahoe. It is part of The Silver Lining multi-author series but can be read as a standalone.